2018 → 2019

We are back, it‘s really on again. Our new team of Enrico, Laika (see image above), Huelfe and Lars had a first IPO-Hackday in November 2018 at the CRCLR-house (thanks for the support).

Enrico started to build a new Front-End. The new prototype is still in progress but you can see already see the development and play with it.

The work is not done! There needs to be work done on the design and also some functionalities because we have big plans with this software in 2019 which we will announce soon. If you want to get a notification when we start sign up to the open circularity newsletter.

If you want to support our endeavour with coding, design or campaigning skills or even funding pls. get in touch.


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Enrico & Huelfe; IPO Hackday Nov2018, @CRCLR house Berlin
Laika; IPO Hackday Nov2018, @CRCLR house Berlin

See you soon for some experiments!