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2018 → 2019

We are back, it‘s really on again. Our new team of Enrico, Laika (see image above), Huelfe and Lars had a first IPO-Hackday in November 2018 at the CRCLR-house (thanks for the support).

Enrico started to build a new Front-End. The new prototype is still in progress but you can see already see the development and play with it.

The work is not done! There needs to be work done on the design and also some functionalities because we have big plans with this software in 2019 which we will announce soon. If you want to get a notification when we start sign up to the open circularity newsletter.

If you want to support our endeavour with coding, design or campaigning skills or even funding pls. get in touch.


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Enrico & Huelfe; IPO Hackday Nov2018, @CRCLR house Berlin
Laika; IPO Hackday Nov2018, @CRCLR house Berlin

See you soon for some experiments!

2017 – & It’s On Again!

The IPO tables project has been quiet for a while as other projects needed our full attention. But the project was always in our mind because it looks like the perfect tool and collaboration method for an open circular economy in our eyes. And many people we told about the project in the past years expressed a big interest in it becoming a reality.

So in spring of 2017 we gathered new energy to try to go on with the project. We started with a funding application. And for the Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin Event Huelfe reinstalled the old 2014 prototype to do some user testing.

Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin – An Event for Circularity Makers

Part of a global project

Many people brought circularity solutions to the event – looking for new ways to connect them to each other.

Huelfe & Lars – in a quiet minute discussing graph data bases for IPO with Kat

It was fun to do this at the event! Especially to hear the positive feedback and the excitement expressed by the OSCEdays community when they understood the idea. The needs they expressed for their work helped us to remember all the fantastic use cases and problem solving skills of a fully fledged IPO tables software.

Huelfe @Monday morning IPO Session

Fueled with this energy we sat down already the next day to implement at least some of the most urgent changes into the public prototype and get also the website ready to go now for further funding applications.

We are happy about everyone raising their hands to join the team and help us. And test test test 🙂

IPO at Open Energy Micro Camp (Berlin) and l’OpenChateau (Paris)


Last weekend (dec 13th & 14th) Sebastian and Me were at the „Open Energy Micro Camp” working on the IPO tables software prototype. The camp was organized by the people of Open State & 10hoch16. We developed the prototype a bit further and discussed it with other Open Hardware and Open Energy initiatives and a bunch of designers. We also did some testing and gained new insights in the potential of the software and yes – also won some new fans for the project!


Jens, Lars, Peter, Dominik, Sebastian

We had a longer and productive discussion about a Continue reading

IPO software “Creating Circles”; History Part 1


The goal of the IPO Creating Circles (IPO CC) software is supposed to be a simple tool to experiment on maker events and in maker projects the IPO model for documentation and communication of making things. The projects wants to test and develop ideas for it in open discourse as well as the software itself over course of time. Here is a documentation of the first steps Continue reading