Projects and actions conducted by us and others. For now this are mostly ideas. We are searching for support and money to get more things done faster.


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1. Creating Circles  (CC)

A simple open source platform and tool to help people to design, find and collect material flow cycles. An playful experiment on global communication and organization of material cycles to use online and in education & research events. Read more ; get in touch with financial or institutional support, node.js-skills, design skills


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2. Scenario Development

We develop scenarios and organizational ideas for a circular economy built on potentials of openness. This includes communication tools, business models and product as well as service designs. See WeTurn-Projectget in touch with questions or support


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3. Research

IPO wants to inspire and support research on existing and future tools. What software e.g. for LCA is already there? Is it useful for Openness? What adjustments would be needed? What experiments could be suggested? Read more (research-paper)get in touch with financial or institutional support, research interest


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4. Project & Company Support

We help projects and companies that want to experiment with the IPO idea. Connect them to people, possibilities and ideas in our network. Get in touch, invite us.


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5. Keynotes & Workshops: Teaching / Education

We are speaking and teaching about open source and circular economy. Talking to open-source-hardware-people about circular economy and to circular-economy-people about open source hardware. Invite us, use this interface to get in touch with this project


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6. Events / Live Happenings / Art

We create and support events, media and actions. We visit your event and bring an “IPO play day” or experiment to it. Questions? Get in touch. Click Events


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