IPO software “Creating Circles”; History Part 1


The goal of the IPO Creating Circles (IPO CC) software is supposed to be a simple tool to experiment on maker events and in maker projects the IPO model for documentation and communication of making things. The projects wants to test and develop ideas for it in open discourse as well as the software itself over course of time. Here is a documentation of the first steps done in the last 3 weeks.


1 First description

The first PDF outlining ideas for the software, written by Lars Zimmermann. Version 0.5, Oct 2


2 two-day-hacksprint with Pavlik Elf

Pavlik Elf read the PDF and we decided to have a 2 day hack-sprint (Oct 10 & 11) to set up a simple prototype for proof of concept. At day two Ramin joined. We did not finish the prototype. More work has to be done.

GitHub repository: https://github.com/hackers4peace/ipotables

Impression of the prototype: http://ipotables.demo.hackers4peace.net/

oct10-2014     oct11-2014


3 Science Hack Day Berlin Oct 24-26, 2014

Science Hack Day Berlin 2014 seems to be a good possibility to experiment with the prototype and more important: develop it further. I searched for a node.js developer. Sarah came into the project and Sebastian and Christoph. Looking forward to Saturday. (You are still very welcome to join us, just get in touch.)


4 Makeitpedia Kickoff

In my Makeitpedia Kickoff (Oct 18) talk i spoke also a bit about IPO-CC. This brought up this bit i like:


„D o c u m e n t   i t   I P O   t o   d e v e l o p   i t

Today documenting hardware is often a plus, extra work. First you create you hardware than you document it for others, an extra step. How to find the time and resources?! Why?

Imagine a working IPO-CC software. Maybe documenting your project IPO would not be an extra step but a useful or maybe even necessary thing to do for the development. Because listing inputs and outputs would bring up other use-cases involving them, maybe short cuts, and other and better ideas appear. You tell the software what you are doing and it connects you to an archive and helps you do discover options and solutions. Documenting in IPO-CC could be a query within your development process, not a plus to do afterwards.

Connect your project to the projects of others as well as to flows of resources and use this as a source for creativity and opportunity. Powered with potentials of circular economy. This is what IPO-CC could become.“


TEXT & IMAGES by Lars Zimmermann, CC-BY

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